Aqara Roller Shade Controller T1S

Aqara Roller Shade Controller T1S

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Open Comfort, Close Privacy.

Features: Once installed, the T1S becomes practically invisible while seamlessly integrating your roller shade with powerful Aqara Home and third-party automations. It opens the shade when you arrive, closes it for privacy, and gently opens it to ease your wake-up process.

Matter over Bridge Support: Upgrade your home with the Aqara Roller Shade Controller T1S and Matter-compatible hubs. Connect to Apple Home for easy shade control via Siri, streamlining your smart home experience.

High Speed and Low Noise: Aqara T1S offers efficient and quiet operation. Its advanced motor ensures fast performance with minimal noise, while programmable settings allow for smooth, nearly silent openings, enhancing user comfort.

Opening Percentage and Pre-Set Positions: Using the Aqara Home app to control your roller shades allows you to precisely adjust lighting and privacy in your home. Set specific openings for automated or on-demand customization, enhancing comfort and convenience effortlessly.

Supports Various Blind Types: Aqara T1S broad compatibility with various window coverings, allowing for easy customization and control. Compatible with everything from roller shades to Roman blinds, it enhances room aesthetics and functionality, seamlessly fitting into your existing home decor.*

Configurable Schedules via Automations: The T1S enhances user convenience by allowing remote control of shades via an app, eliminating manual adjustments. It automatically adjusts shades based on schedules or activities, optimizing comfort and energy efficiency. Seamlessly integrating with existing smart home systems, it provides a streamlined home automation experience.

Ultra-Low Idle Consumption: The T1S optimizes power use to cut costs and maintains readiness. Control shades efficiently without high electricity costs, benefiting from enhanced safety, compatibility, and comprehensive smart solutions. Its stable connection and low consumption make it ideal for smart home management.**

Disclaimers:*Please note: the accessories such as a roller shade tube and the shade itself should be purchased separately. And the required roller shutter width must be greater than 600 mm.** The power supply method is High-voltage power supply.


1HeadingYour roller shape will close automatically in case you go out.

IF THENIF Door and window sensor detects the door is closed

Then Roll down the blinds.


This is the typical scene of leaving home behind. No more scrambling as you depart; let your home devices react promptly and seamlessly to your daily actions.


Roller Shade Controller T1S + Aqara Hub + Door and Window Sensor2HeadingUse Aqara Hub M1S Gen2 as an illumination sensor to adjust your roller shades dynamically.

IF THENIF Illumination level reaches 100 lux( It is too bright in the room)

THEN adjust the roller shade to 50%


Adjust the curtain amplitude according to the intensity of natural indoor light. Compared to traditional manual adjustments, making real-time adjustments based on light intensity better suits your daily needs.


Hub M1S Gen2 + Roller Shade Controller T1S3HeadingControl the shades using the configurable action of the Aqara Cube T1 Pro

IF THENIF Slide the Aqara Cube T1 Pro

THEN Open/Close the shades


Control roller shades wirelessly, it's convenient and cool. Even in the event of a network failure, the original automation control can still be maintained.


Roller Shade Controller T1S + Aqara Hub + Aqara Cube T1 Pro4HeadingProtect your private, when you go to bed.

IF-THENIF Motion sensor detects someone in the bed area

THEN Close the shades


A very common daily scenario. When you're in bed, the roller shades automatically close. This effectively protects your privacy and ensures you have a good quality of sleep.


Motion Sensor + Aqara Hub + Roller Shade Controller T1S


Product Name

Roller Shade Controller T1SProduct modelCD-M03DMotor outer Pipe diameter25mmMotor length465mmCable length1.2mRated voltage100/240V~ 50/60Hz, Rated current0.3ARated power20WCable Length1.2mOperating temperature-20℃~+55℃Operating humidity10%~95% RH, non-condensing

Rated torque1.2N·mRated rotor speed25 r/min

Wireless connection

Zigbee 3.0Working systemS2 4minZigbee Operation Frequency2405-2480 MHz

Maximum Load6 KG

Insulation Grade Class A

What’s in the Box Roller Shade Controller T1S x1, Control Box x1, User Manual x 1, Splash-proof Bag x 1


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